Getting Started

Before we jump in, we like to check in to see if we are the team that can help you to reach your goal?

We have found that we can be a great fit for certain prospects, not so much for others.
So, let's tell you what we are looking for when we get started.

1. You Have Goals for Your Website and You Are Ready To Get Started!

It’s not a novel idea having goals, but we have learned that if you don’t know what result you would like to achieve for your project, it is very hard to make you happy as a client.

If you don’t have goals, even if they are a little fuzzy, for your site or you are not prepared to work with us to define them, delivering a quality product will be very difficult.

2. You Are Committed to Making This Happen!

Building an audience online for your business is hard work and takes time. If you are are not devoted to the idea of “making it happen,” keeping it going when it gets sticky, or when it all feels a little out of sync, then you just may throw in the chips when it gets tough. The result, you may waste a lot of your time (and maybe $$$ as well), both of which you could have used elsewhere.

3. You Have A Budget For This Project!

You are going to have to invest some hard-earned cash to build an excellent website that represents your dream and takes your business to the goals you have set. That’s how it works.

We don’t like to cut corners and short-change the results, and we don’t expect that you would want us to.

You don’t have to give up your firstborn or re-mortgage your home, but you need to consider this to be an investment, and we will help you to make the return on that investment a positive one.

4. You Already Have An Online Audience!

If you don’t already have an online audience, be prepared to build one.

Building an audience through different channels (i.e. blogging, podcasting, interviews, white papers, presentations, speaking, and education) is the way to generate customers online. Be prepared to work on the channels that will work best for your business if you are going to hit those goals.

5. You Have A Team!

We will do our part in designing and building your website. However, you or a designated point-person will need to help put all the pieces together AND work on your day job – the business itself – at the same time. It’s no fun for us to watch a client meltdown when it becomes overwhelming to chase down content, copy, and other deliverables.

It may be as simple as a virtual assistant to help out with the content production or researching appropriate artwork for the site. It is likely you will need help, and if you don’t have it, the process will be slower than you expect and may even be a bit of a grind.

6. You Have Time!

We will need you to be front and center to create a successful website design project for your company or organization. If you don’t have the time to invest in making this a truly beautiful project, one that delivers on your objectives, it will be a tough ride for both of us.

If this doesn’t scare you off, we may be right for each other. Click the “Ready To Start”  button below to get going.