PCP Health & Wellness - Case Study

PCP Health and Wellness Home Page Screenshot

The Brief

PCP Health and Wellness is an Atlanta based personal wellness practice. PCP focuses on providing medically administered non-surgical services for men and women, like fat reduction, cellulite treatments, and hormone replacement. After several years of running a successful medical practice, the owners realized there was an opportunity to augment there current business in a growing market and decided to pursue it.

They decided to establish the wellness services company as a completely separate business and we’re looking for ways to quickly gain some presence in the market. The owners of PCP Health and Wellness, approached Paragraph 2 Media to discuss the possibility of creating a new WordPress website strictly for the new wellness business. They wanted to position the site to be attractive to certain demographics in their market, generate potential leads and give them an online presence as they rolled out their new services. They had already explored the possibility of using one of the online builder platforms like Squarespace but ultimately realized that they wanted more flexibility and control of what happened to their online business.

Our Approach

We approached PCP Health and Wellness as the new business they were. Even though they had years of experience in their current medical practice, they had introduced new services and products under the umbrella of the new business. We conducted several discovery sessions to gain a broader understanding of their purpose with the site. Who their customers would be? What would be long term measures of success? Who were the primary local competitors and what was their message to this demographic?  We researched potential keywords and images to help in identifying the direction of the copy, the content, and the look of the site. After weeks of wireframing, prototyping, and then coding we launched a beautiful and professional website that reflected the goals and objectives of PCP Health and Wellness.

The Result

The PCP business website launched successfully in 2019. PCP has generated multiple opportunities from the surrounding community and has seen a continuing increase in the number of leads generated from the site.

Check out pcphealthandwellness.com and see for yourself.