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What I learned while quarantined with my 15-year-old

Covid Quarantined Mother

Millions of parents throughout the world have been quarantined with their children for almost a year now. To say it’s been difficult might be an understatement. Despite that, I recognize that it has probably been as difficult on my son as it has been on my husband and me. I have enjoyed the opportunity to bond and talk with him. Yet, it has not been easy. I am watching the days slip away and realize that he is missing some of the most critical social development years in his teen life.


It seems like my generation should have done a better job. The world we have created did not allow this millennial generation to experience the same positive and uplifting opportunities that we received from our parents. And yet, I feel this is just an early warning of the changes to come. That we may be on our way to in a post-pandemic world that is less tolerant, more diseased, more divided, and more violent than what we have experienced in a long time!


Despite that, I choose to acknowledge that an abundance of Good is also coming out of this confinement with our children and the shift in the world at large.

I have been told that I have a “Pollyanna” mindset. For those of you that may not be familiar with it, it is “an excessively or blindly optimistic person.” Frankly, I don’t care what others think. I passionately believe in the good. The Good in man. The Good in my son. The Good in our future. The Good in the next generation inheriting this great big ball in space.


Our children deserve a world where they all have clean air to breathe, freshwater to drink, food to eat, clean clothes to wear, and a loving environment to grow and thrive in. They deserve to have parents or guardians guide them into adulthood. Sounds utopian, but it can happen. It happens every day; we just need to widen the girth around these blessings.


An infant, no matter the color of their skin, is innocent. They are unblemished, carry no hatred, have no boundaries, and hopefully no health issues. To the naked eye, they are perfect!


This is the part in my story where you will either bail or read on. Who among us wouldn’t wish the best for every innocent child?


Well, it can be that way if we truly want it and each new day gives us a platform with which to do so. Start here and now. Instead of seeing this pandemic as a curse, we can choose to see it as a reckoning. This could be the place where start the healing and begin leveling the playing field of life.


Here are a few ways to start. I have chosen to embrace our current quarantine situation:


    1. Whatever you believe in, say thank you for opening your eyes to see another day!
    2. Put a smile on your face. Even a forced one will make you feel better, trust me!
    3. Look in the mirror and say I am alive and I have another chance at happiness!
    4. Take one positive thing you wish you did yesterday and start working towards getting it done!
    5. There is always help out there. You may need to humble yourself or check your ego but find the help you need. If not for you, then your children.
    6. Hug your children and tell them how happy you are they were born. Positive reinforcement is effective and reverberates out into the universe.
    7. Don’t forget that there is always something new to learn each and every day.
    8. A closed mouth doesn’t get fed. (Thank you, Iya B.)
    9. You are not alone. You have a family to be quarantined with!! Some of our friends and colleagues wish they had a family to fuss with during this Covid season.
    10. Think outside the box. Make a way out of no way, your ancestors had to, and here we STAND!


I continue to relish the fact that I have a ton of positive and loving people who cared for me as a child and nurtured me. Was my childhood perfect? Of course not, whose is? However I choose to be me, I decided to make the best out of this quarantine with my child and husband. I am thankful for the opportunity to get reconnected.


All the best,


Words Whylie

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