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We are Paragraph 2 Media (, a website design company located in Columbia, Maryland. In 2009 my partner and I purchased a printing franchise in Maryland and started our first entrepreneurial journey together. For the next nine years, we ran at a non-stop pace, with the usual 60-70 hour, six-day workweeks that many new small business owners find themselves doing. 


We found the printing business to be an exciting and fast-paced introduction to the world of small business ownership. We learned, and we grew as entrepreneurs. In the last few years, however, we noticed that wholesale changes were taking place in our industry, our business, and our clientele. Projects were getting smaller, and we were seeing them less frequently. The regular monthly or quarterly business card orders became semi-annual or annual orders.


When we joined the world of print in 2009, we anticipated that there would be a tough period as the country shook off the 2008/2009 recession. We later learned that the residue of belt-tightening and the corner-cutting habits that business owners developed during that time, would be with us forever, and it would forever change our industry. Digital communications, online advertising, and social media were here, and they were not leaving. 


Classified ads became Facebook and Google ads. Postcards migrated to banner and leader ads. Automated email campaigns replaced print and mail campaigns. The hand-writing was clearly on the wall. I recalled a saying of one of my past mentors that seemed appropriate for this stage of our journey. He would say, “If you are being run out of town, it’s best to grab the flag and lead the parade.” 


We decided to grab the flag and join the parade instead of fighting the change. We closed our print franchise, and in early 2019 we began mapping out the next version of our entrepreneurial journey. We knew we wanted to continue to be a business that serviced other entrepreneurs and whose primary focus was online communication and marketing. We were most comfortable in that sphere. We felt strongly that marketing and communication are two of the essential tools for any business looking to grow. 


This kernel of an idea has gradually evolved into the company we have named Paragraph 2 Media, LLC.  We are a web design company for the small business owner or entrepreneur that wants to build a high impact online business. We are slowly and steadily morphing into being a resource for business building, marketing-oriented web design, and copywriting.

Why did we decide to start this blog? 

We think it’s the best way to continue the conversation with our clients and share what we have learned as we design websites and write copy for the fantastic entrepreneurs in our local and global business communities. We will blog about websites, website technology, mainly WordPress. We will talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and metrics. And of course, we can’t leave out automated email campaigns and small business marketing. Sometimes we will talk about the “business life” and living it. 

Photography has been a lifelong hobby. Of course, that means that at times I will throw in some interesting photos or videos that we think relate to the world of marketing, websites, and business communication. And truthfully, sometimes it may refer to nothing but the universe at large and our small place in it. If we are successful in understanding our chosen topics well, the ideas we share with you will make a difference and connect with your journey.

So, please write back to us. Give us some feedback on what we say and do on our blog. Look at some of our website design projects, our marketing, and copywriting work as we grow. Share your thoughts with us. We want to be better and do better, and your feedback helps make that happen.

We are looking forward to getting to know you! 


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