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Website Design for Small  Start-up Growing Doing Business

Hello, welcome to Paragraph 2 Media Web Design

As web designers, we create and build budget-friendly, professional WordPress websites for small businesses, i.e., lawyers, doctors, auto service shops, online shops, and other small businesses just like yours.

Paragraph 2 Media Website Design

Websites that support your new or growing business.

    • If you are not sure where to start or what you will need to do, we can help.
    • Or, maybe you know just what you would like to create but don’t have the time or interest to do it yourself with a self-help site.
    • Search Engine Friendly site
    • Marketing oriented focus
    • Minimum of headache to own and operate
    •  Gets more business.

We don’t just make you an empty promise. We deliver a website that works as promised, or you owe us nothing.

Creating a Professional, High Quality, and
Attractive Website: Our Design Strategy




The first objective is to create a plan that becomes a truly excellent website. We start the plan with a discussion and questions to understand the purpose of your site. If required, we will research the likely visitors, content, images, and illustrations you would like showcased, and ultimately, what you would like to achieve with the site.




We will create a wireframe to help us establish a hierarchy of importance for the data, elements, and content that will bring your website to life. It's a collaborative effort where we share ideas, yours and ours, and reach an agreement on the look and feel of your website. The initial wireframe will answer some questions, i.e., Where should the text on the page be placed? What type of images will work best to tell the story? How will our visitors interact with the content? It is a very low-fidelity sketch (usually black and white with stick figures) of the future site.




Design moves into overdrive. All the research and questions begin to make sense. The images, textures, fonts, and pictures that will tell the brand's story are identified and documented. Colors are considered and chosen. Images and icons are selected. Copy is prepared, proofed, edited, and made ready to intrigue your customer. A detailed version of the website is created, and a real sense of the flow and personality of the website begins to take shape. The visual cues (like fonts and button colors) that will make your website unique and functional, are locked in place.




We now have a recipe that will work to showcase your business and your brand. The heavy lifting begins, and now we bring your prototype to life. The finished designs are converted into the code that will become an excellent, super functional website. The site will be easy to maintain and will look good on your desktop and your phone. And of course, you can be sure it will be easy and intuitive to operate and update.




At this stage, the site is made available on the development server to review and test. We test and re-test some more and allow you and your team to test drive it before it goes live. Finally, we put your new website through our multi-point pre-flight checklist. We train you and your team to manage the site. And we prepare to launch.




And last but not least. WE LAUNCH. Your site goes live. Your customers and potential customers get to see your new look and your business joins the cyberspace party.
The Results Are In.
You get lots of visitors to your new website. They convert to paying customers, purchase products, sign up for your newsletters, join your subscription service, and your business is off and running. It’s a home run. Your website is up and running with a successful launch.


Design That You Will Love

We will design a professional looking website that not only looks good, but most importantly works as a marketing tool for your business.

Mobile Responsive Layout

Your website will look great whether it’s being viewed on a desktop computer, tablet, or cell phone. It will be optimized to show its very best.

Search Engine Optimized(SEO)

We will install a top-rated WordPress SEO tool to improve the visibility of the sites we create. Additionally, we optimize the Basic Business and eCommerce web design packages with keyword-rich title tags, URLs, image alt tags, and meta descriptions.

Fast, Secure, and Reliable Site Design

We include offsite backups, security scans, and uptime monitoring with all of our Basic Business and eCommerce site packages. It can be added as an option to the Standard website.

We Guarantee Our Work

“We stand behind our work.” Once we agree on a final design, if we fail to complete it as promised, and we can not revise it to your satisfaction, you won’t owe us a cent.

We Love Design, We Hate the Price Haggling

Website design package prices are available. It will give you a head start in figuring out your budget without the extra headaches. Of course, additional pages and options are available, and we can provide a quote on whatever flavor of WordPress website you need.