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We are Paragraph 2 Media

WordPress Web Design

We design and build affordable, professional WordPress websites for small businesses like yours. 

We create websites that support your growing business and your bottom line.

If you are not sure where to start, or what you will need to do, we can help. Or, maybe you know exactly what you would like to create but don’t have the time or interest to do it yourself.

Either way, we will get you on the right track, the one that leads to the website your business needs.

We just don’t make you a promise, we deliver a website that works as promised. And…we back that promise with our Paragraph 2 Media Guarantee.

for the Web

Connecting with your audience in today's business environment is tough. I bet you agree?

We are here to make that a lot easier.

The brilliant business ideas of your marketing plan must be communicated clearly to be effective. We write copy that is not only grammatically correct but speaks to your customer and tells your story in a way that gets the phone to ring.

Whether your goal is more sales, more subscribers, or more donations, we help you to reach your audience with the most appealing copy. Our words tell your story, create urgency, trigger action, and ultimately separate you from the pack. With Paragraph 2 Media, you get more buzz, more customers, more business, and make more money.

Design is not what it looks and feels like, design is how it works.

-Steve Jobs

At Paragraph 2 Media we enjoy working with the small business leader that is busy building and growing a great enterprise. 

Today, an effective online web presence is a necessary, almost mandatory, part of your marketing plan.  Without one, it’s the “Field of Dreams” movie operating in reverse.
You didn’t build it, so they didn’t come.
We design and build highly functional, attractive and affordable websites for startups and growing businesses. As a small business located in Maryland, we understand the challenges of running a small company and the flexibility and adaptability that is required. Flexibility and adaptability are part of our DNA. Our design process is professional, effective and minimizes the headaches and concerns of creating a new website. If your ready to build a great marketing website for your business, let’s chat.

Are you interested in learning more about working with us? Or would you like a quote on a website design project?

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